Wearable technologies Engage with Artists for Responsible innovation (WEAR Sustain) is a European Commission funded (yay! for Europe!), 2 year, €3m Horizon 2020 project, which aims to connect people from art, design and creative industries with technology and engineering professionals.

The aim? To develop sustainable and ethical wearable and e-textile products, utilising the breathtaking opportunities Wearables and IoT presents to the imagination and creativity contained in these often polarised disciplines.

22 projects have already been funded

22 teams have been selected within the first open call and each of them has received funding to develop and take their prototype closer to market. The selected projects have started a 6-month programme of prototyping development in July. A second open call will open on November 15th.

What’s next for the teams

WEAR have thought about the future as well and are cooking up ways to help take the successful winning teams to the next level, for example, by making introductions to investors, introducing accelerator programmes into the ecosystem and collating grant opportunities for the teams. The WEAR project is a launchpad for many new projects, but the goal is to quickly get viable products to people who can benefit. Of course, the litmus test will be getting to market with a real project, which will come after the WEAR project concludes.

Our role in WEAR Sustain

As a wearable technology agency, focusing on developing social impact IoT products, it seemed obvious that NDP had its place in the WEAR ecosystem. Jacob Skinner, CEO of NDP, was asked to be involved in the project and now mentors and advises a range of companies who were successful in their application. After receiving many enquiries from winning teams, we have selected several outstanding teams to work with to help deliver wearable technology to their projects.

Apply for the programme

The WEAR Sustain ecosystem is an amazing opportunity for people looking to develop wearables with a social impact. If you’d like to apply for the next open call (Nov 2017), please visit WEAR Sustain website.

If you would like to talk to us about the programme and see how we can help in preparing for the next open call, contact us!



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