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Thrive exists to turn great ideas into impactful wearables. In partnership and collaboration with our clients, or under traditional time and materials briefs, we develop physical, digital and data-driven wearable tech products from prototype through to mass production.

what we do


Acting as your wearable technology partners in the health and wellbeing space, Thrive provides end-to-end services, working collaboratively across business partnerships and academia, as well as grant-funded and internally funded innovation streams to deliver wearable technology from idea to mass production. 


Our skills range from physical prototyping and software development to interface design and data science. We are able to take a product through from inception to commercial success using the unique skill set of our team.

Our product development journey is a proven process which de-risks end product delivery, contains costs to optimise the use of resources, and gets products to market. We will work with you to understand where you are on your wearable technology journey, and whether we can help you with part or all of the process. Each project is tailor-made but these explanations will give you a flavour of what you can expect.



Reduce risk to forward plan with confidence and clarity

Design and development.png

design & development

Test and validate your product and its key functionality



Mass produce and quality control your product efficiently



Rapidly distil your product vision and forward plan with confidence. Through an agile approach to innovation, we work with you to establish or clarify user need, helping to prioritise your key product attributes and develop a feasibility prototype to test system configurations and key components.


design & development

In the design phase, we utilise principles of engineering, and technical and user testing to design the product, the functionality and the form factor prototype, enabling you to showcase your project to investors, partners and stakeholders before we nail down the full set of functional requirements.



Within the Production phase, we support engagement with the selected manufacturer, who will be specifically chosen for your needs. Typically we work together firstly to complete final design adjustments to cosmetic elements such as colour, texture and materials.


hardware prototypes

software integration

machine learning &
AI insights

firmware development

IP & regulatory compliance

Deepmind Unsplash
Deepmind Unsplash

strategy spotlight

Our experts understand the key part software plays in wearable devices, from the processing of human physiology data, to the illuminating display of the insights derived to multiple, key stakeholders who will interact with the wearable product and its data. 

our lab

In the heart of Brighton, integrated with our offices, sits our lab. This is where your device will be developed and prototyped by our expert technology team. 

our key technologies 

  • 3D printing

  • smart textiles

  • low power management

  • circuit design

  • PCB design

  • signal processing through algorithms

  • app development

  • rapid prototyping

  • user interface design and user testing


  • data processing 

  • remote monitoring

  • haptic feedback

  • digital networks and cloud 

  • power management 

  • bio sensors

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