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Whether you have an idea, a piece of your technology ecosystem, or a current product on the market, we're here to help you navigate your journey. We have a range of flexible tried and tested services, but we are also happy to work under traditional fixed price project briefs, time and materials budgets or retainers, to suit your needs.

what we do


Thrive Wearables are specialists in physiology based technology development, who passionately believe in the benefits of predictive and preventative healthcare.

We envisage a world where people are empowered to manage their health and wellbeing and make informed lifestyle choices. We believe that wearable technology and its ecosystems can improve and enhance the lives of people and benefit our planet too; whilst achieving huge gains in health and wellness on a global scale.


Realise your product's potential with this collaborative process focused on maximising work to date.

Technology strategy

Develop your product successfully by validating your ideas and assessing product feasibility fast.

Wearable Product Accelerator

Kick-start your project and take your idea all the way to mass-production.


Know how to navigate the complex process of regulatory approval

get in touch and start your journey with thrive
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