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case study: SHUFL

Driving competitive behaviour and sports performance

the goal

We worked closely with SHUFL to provide them credibility into a project they were funding - the Laddr Band - To allow them to have a solid foundation to begin to formulate their idea and pave the way forward for the project.

the challenge

SHUFL came to us on behalf of a client who was interested in creating a wristband wearable device, and accompanying application, that offers a gamified fitness platform to drive competitive training behaviour through allowing users to compare fitness through their bio data. They needed clarity on the next steps for their project, and we were able to provide the answer through our Wearable Product Accelerator.

the solution

Through our four week Wearable Product Accelerator we followed a structured process of workshops, to deep dive into the project. We then created a report with our findings and provided visual diagrams to understand the technology ecosystem and customer journey. This allowed for a robust plan and the ability to aid the team in making strategic commercial decisions. Alongside the report, we included both fixed price and budgetary estimations in their product roadmap, enabling strategic investment planning and a clear, actionable scope.


Additionally, the cost and timeline gave the small founding team a great headstart on what to do next, with reduced risk. The development plan also involved showing the prototype iterations with specific technical and user progress. This provided the team with an empowering level of education without an overwhelming amount of granular detail. Through this process the team could prioritise their main technical requirements and with our expert guidance we were able to guide the team and fill in any gaps in real time to validate their early assumptions about product attributes.


Wearable Product Accelerator


Consumer Fitness

form factor


We first approached the Thrive team from our accelerator process where we were helping an entrepreneur with a very good business concept, based around a fitness wearable, in the early stages of starting up. We spoke with the Thrive team and agreed to go through their Wearable Product Accelerator. The process was very helpful for us – it challenged the founder’s thinking in all the right ways and ensured that the process by which this concept could become a reality was fully understood.


Although done entirely remotely, this did not cause any issues at all in terms of the process or quality of outcome. The session was expertly managed using excellent collaboration tools and supported by enthusiastic Thrive people.

Simon Webster, SHUFL

project lead

Holding a PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Tudor empowers wearers to look after their health, with expertise in signal processing and algorithm development.

Dr Tudor Besleaga, Sensor Systems Engineer

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