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When you embark on a wearables project with Thrive, you’ll have access to our team of experts who offer a full service approach to technology development. This encompasses hardware, software, data science and a keen sense of the product’s user journey. 

our software specialisms

Software technology and approaches vary widely in the modern wearables industry and during your project scoping phase, we will work closely alongside you to select the software technologies that are most suitable for your product. Utilising our broad capabilities provides access to appropriate and scalable software architecture, which marries seamlessly to the firmware we design for your wearable device. This increases the cohesion and interoperability of the systems and provides a backbone for your wearable technology product ecosystem.


Our experts understand the key part software plays in wearable devices, from the processing of human physiology data to the illuminating display of the insights derived to multiple key stakeholders who will interact with the wearable product and its data. Through developing the wearable ecosystem from top to bottom, we ensure everything is working in harmony. This goes a long way to ensuring that the user experience remains central to your project.

So, whether you’re looking to add hardware to your current software technology, or are designing a complete product from the ground up, we can develop all aspects of the software and data processing stack alongside your wearable hardware. From high level software architecture, to analysing customer needs and development planning, we can simplify everything and create world class solutions.


mobile applications for hardware devices

Aligning and combining your software, firmware and hardware, means that devices can run some very powerful mobile applications. Transferring and processing data from the device into insightful visualisations, opens up countless possibilities for analysis, customer experience and even predictive and preventative insight generation.  

The main benefit of combining software with hardware is to fulfil a customer experience that can’t be replicated without a full service technology solution, for example in inventing new wearable products or innovating a hardware addition to a software only application. We conduct early prototyping, modelling and miniaturisation of embedded devices, which provides you with a quick way of getting up-and-running to test the ecosystem with a device.

using data science and machine learning for human physiology signals

Data science can lead to incredible opportunities for predictive, diagnostic and prescriptive capabilities. Being able to extract insights and highlight trends in a sea of complex data will be game-changing in many wearable applications. Using machine learning (ML) and more general AI techniques, we can analyse what happened and why, and further predict what may happen in the future, informing clinicians and users to make better decisions for their health and wellness.

Capturing and processing human physiology signals in real time allows insights from wearable sensors to be passed through the software environment, potentially being augmented with other data and visualised as required by the users involved, including patients, medical professionals or other stakeholders. 

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end to end software architecture

Software architecture considers how to best combine and integrate multiple elements and individual components to fulfil a unique purpose for the end user. Considering the structure and design of a software system architecture informs the high level design decisions about the technologies used, such as sensors and processors, and whether to use mobile applications and the Cloud.

Conducting this process with our expert advice enables you to maximise the performance, scalability, reliability and security of your project from the get-go. We employ software development techniques such as test-driven development to ensure code quality is built-in from the start. Having the remit of strategically devising and building the end to end experience is almost always cheaper and of higher quality in the long run, allowing us to work very closely to make your wearable product ecosystem as integrated and cohesive as possible.

designing software for medical devices

We are focused on developing exceptional wearable products in the health and wellbeing space. To help us do this, we have a quality management system and work to a framework of processes, governance, risk and compliance best practice.


To bolster this quality management system, we hold an accreditation from the British Standards Institute for the internationally recognised standard of ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001 which enables us to design and develop prototypes for medical devices.

our capabilities at a glance

  • Hardware enabled mobile applications

  • Android, iOS and web apps

  • Image and video processing software 

  • Computer vision for facial recognition or object detection

  • Data science and machine learning

  • Raspberry Pi quick prototyping

  • Linux-based system and application development

  • Modelling data and database design

  • Block chain

  • Cloud systems set up 

  • Systems architecture and design

  • Edge computing and AI chips

  • AI and ML algorithms

  • Software quality assurance processes and best practices

  • AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

  • Django

  • Javascript - React-Native, React, Fast, Angular

  • C++, Python, Java

get in touch and start your journey with thrive


Using sensor technology for data capture and analytics, funded by the European Space Agency. 

case study: Zedsen

Using sensor technology for the early detection and prevention of cancer.


Our innovation services can progress your vision into a pragmatic project plan.

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