Get a working system, data collection and validation of the science without spending a fortune on a finished product.

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We develop a working technology platform to allow function technology risks to be reduced and data collection to be possible.

Component selection

We have extensive experience with the components used in wearables. Selecting off the shelf and researching bespoke system elements results in a functional, programmable version of the product concept.

Design iteration

It is only through connecting things together and testing that the function performance can be refined and evolved rapidly. This prototype allows this. There may be the need for new technologies to be added and removed and this is simple in a functional system.

Data collection

Only when the firmware is running and thew data is flowing can we be sure the design is right. A System Prototype allows this and reduces much of the technical risk when the system needs miniaturising later.

Functional specification

After the System Prototype is working well, a more detailed specification can be drawn up for the electronics and embedded code. This is essential for the next phases of development.


A System Prototype is an integrated set of blocks, including sensors, processors, wireless data components, selected and connected together to form a functionally reliable version of the future product. Much work can be done on the software running this and the data collection it allows.

We can rapidly and without the constraints of small wearable form factors, get a system running and prove the science behind the measurements we seek in a future product. A System Prototype can be programmed and configured at will, allowing us to refine the eventual specification and design of the complex electronics.


“It’s like fast-forwarding into the future, so you can see how customers react before you spend all the time and expense of building a real product.”

Jake Knapp, Creator of Design Sprint

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