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Gain access to decades of wearable tech experience, establish the best technical strategy, create a robust product development roadmap and tell the story to key stakeholders with confidence.

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Why work with us?

Thrive’s Wearable Product Accelerator will enable you to forward plan development with certainty having gained broad access to our wearables knowledge, reducing the product’s technical risks.

This process will empower better strategic decision making, prioritize key product attributes to optimize resource management, and provide confidence for your stakeholder buy ins.

Through this tailored process with our team, we will collaboratively dissect the product vision and lay out a comprehensive, costed roadmap.

Product Accelerator Workshop

The workshop consists of a morning and an afternoon session. We will facilitate an investigation of the value of your product to end users, the existing developments, technical requirements, route to manufacturing considerations, and key decision points of your product vision. Afterwards, a workshop review will take place, which gives your Project Lead a chance to consolidate outcomes, shape the direction of the project, and bring back resolved questions. We will bring back research and know how around key unknowns identified during the workshop.

Product Development Roadmap

Following the workshop, we compile a detailed Product Development Roadmap, capturing insight from the Thrive team aligned with the findings from the Accelerator Workshop. We will evaluate the key technical risks and mitigations, provide development timelines, outline budgets, note important assumptions and consider user testing requirements. The report will also cover regulations and IP, providing high value technical delivery advice to aid the route to market strategy.



The Thrive team will work through the following steps with you to accelerate your wearable product.


“Thrive understood what we wanted to achieve and made it actionable. The roadmap and budgets helped us secure a EU product delivery grant.”

-Asma Hassoune, Moonly


Are you building a wearable technology product?


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