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wearable product accelerator

how to take your product from idea to mass-production


wearable product accelerator

We work alongside products at all stages of development, and invest our resources in kick-starting projects too, because from the smallest of seeds can grow the mightiest of trees. In our two part workshop you’ll gain access to decades of wearable tech experience, establish the best technical strategy, create a robust product development roadmap and tell the story to your key stakeholders with confidence.

Your Product Roadmap Report will include:

  • Tailored advice from the Thrive team 

  • Evaluation of the key technical risks and mitigations

  • Development timelines

  • Budgets outlined

  • Important assumptions 

  • User testing considerations

  • Regulations and IP considerations

  • And technical delivery advice to aid the route to market strategy

We will work

with you to:

  • Understand your vision and ask the right technical questions 

  • Explore your technology options and enable you to make informed decisions 

  • Conduct a technical risk assessment to de-risk your product

  • Develop a long-term strategic roadmap including advice from our team of experts

  • Empower you to make resource management decisions, improve investability and begin your wearable development journey with confidence

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