Thrive exists to turn great ideas into impactful, data driven wearables. Acting as your wearable technology development partner, we provide end-to-end services, working collaboratively to deliver high impact health and wellbeing wearables from idea to mass production.

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Our product development process relies on a tried and tested approach which de-risks end product delivery and optimises use of resources to get to market faster.




Design and Development




At the start of the journey, we focus on reinforcing your value proposition using an agile approach. Our process will enable you to forward plan development with certainty, having gained broad access to our wearables knowledge. This reduces risks and makes the journey to market much clearer. We are able to prioritise key product attributes, empower better strategic decision making, optimise resource management, fast-track your investor network and provide confidence for stakeholders, such as investors and grant funders. 

By the end of this phase, you will have more certainty on the timeline and budget for the remaining  product development journey, with a deep awareness of the risks, mitigations and time to revenue. This will be done through a combination of steps, tailored to your project: it might include practical analysis of your existing designs, answering of key technical questions, testing, and validating the functionality of the product through iterative prototyping.


In this phase, we use cycles of design, engineering, prototyping, and technical and user testing to resolve the product in detail, including the functionality and form factor. You can then invite investors, partners and other stakeholders to experience the product and provide feedback before we nail down the full set of functional requirements. 

At the end of this phase, your product’s form factor and key functionality will have been tested and validated by the users, you will have approval from stakeholders, and the technical requirements will be specified in detail. We use a number of stages to get to this point, putting together all the elements required to bring a prototype to life, selected to correspond with your project requirements and the technical unknowns. The stages will vary depending on the type of product and its complexity.


During the last stages of product development, we will establish robust manufacturing elements of the product, including improving the quality of the units coming off the line. It’s important to have finalised the cosmetic aspects of the design early and to now focus on ensuring that the devices can be mass produced efficiently and with decreasing failure rates. Establishing test protocols and automating these into the production process is also part of this phase, where Quality Control (QC) will apply to both medical and non medical devices, and documentation is established to support regulatory compliance. 

We often continue to support the full life cycle of the product, and  continuous improvement can lead to either incremental or step change versions of the product. As this phase concludes, you will be hitting high volume production with low failure rates and a resilient and mature production process.


We work with mission-aligned organisations to develop impactful, user centred wearable technology that improves lives. 
See some examples of our work here.

We are a specialist team of engineers, designers, technology experts and customer-focused innovators. Tap into our 30+ years of experience in the Wearable Technology space.

We combine rigorous user testing and engineering refinement to get your product to market faster.

We find the best technology solutions for you to source the optimum mix of physical, digital and data elements.

Our Shared Destiny Programme for mission aligned companies, gives access to our team and IP.
It is a cost effective and highly impactful way of building a long term trusted relationship with Thrive.


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