Rapidly demonstrate the validity of your idea, integrate the physical, digital and data aspects of a wearable, engage end users early and drive investment and traction.

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Marrying the physical, digital and data building blocks, a Concept Prototype brings your product to life with a full ‘looks-like, works-like’ version for user testing and validation.

Design review

We work collaboratively with you to solve the interactions between components, iterate design and deliver a Concept Prototype which demonstrates the product’s core value proposition.

Successive prototyping

We combine existing knowledge, research and testing to refine, optimise and minaturise the design into a full representative system. 

Data collection

Data is the lifeblood of a product, allowing  advanced intelligence and insights to drive decisions and user value. A Concept Prototype allows you to put a real device into the hands of users to collect this vital data. 

Specification and roadmap

Encapsulating our expert recommendations, technical specifications and costings into a clear roadmap allows you to continue your product development journey, with all the major technical risks mitigated.  


A Concept Prototype demonstrates the investment potential of your wearable product idea. By bringing together learnings and unifying into a singular prototype ecosystem, a realistic product demonstrator is formed. This can be shown off to investors and other stakeholders, and trigger critical user testing.

This crucial step proves the product concept, exposes areas for improvement and provides you with a clear production roadmap. It informs investment requirements and  confidently projects timelines for getting to market with a final product.

Full product prototypes

Systems architecture validation

Stakeholder engagement

Costed delivery roadmap


“Thrive rapidly delivered a proof of concept which validates our capability to deliver integrated wearable technology in our soft goods range, opening up new business opportunities. Their knowledge in smart fabrics, plastics and product design resulted in a valuable plausible demonstrator for this purpose.”

Frederic Giraud, CEO, SF Trade

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