Smoothly managing the critical stage of entering mass production will ensure your product can be manufactured consistently, at scale and reliably, providing traction and revenue.

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How it works

Your product is refined to achieve high throughput, high yield, consistent quality units which will perform for end-users robustly over time. This process provides you with peace of mind before your product is finally signed off for mass production.

Engineering validation

Full prototypes (up to 100 units) made using soft tooling are created and put through a series of tests to validate the engineering of the product: accelerated ageing tests; waterproofing levels; mechanical function over time; drop testing and other general durability tests.

Design validation

A short production run (up to 1000 units) is made with full tooling and set up on the production line at the manufacturer. This stage verifies manufacturability, confirming the efficiency of the process and identifying anything that may affect the production yield. 

Production validation

A final run of 10,000+ units to test the yield and production throughput before continuous mass production starts in earnest. This finite run allows any final process adjustments to be made, without damage to the flow of full-scale production.

Mass production

Seamless integration with a trusted global manufacturer (de-risked, set up, tooled and ready to go) in multiple geographical locations will bring your now validated and robust design, reproducible in high volume with high yield, to life as a fully-fledged product.


You get a mass production ready product as quickly as possible and with no learning curve. Optimised designs, reduced unit costs and a team who speak the same language as the manufacturer.


Thrive can do as little or as much of the liaison, decision making and deployment into the factory, allowing you to monitor, but not drown in the detail of scaling to mass production.


“The Thrive team has taken my vision through a rapid and systematic evolution from idea to sales traction and investment. Their knowledge of the wearables space is unrivalled.”

– Stefan Chmelik, Founder, BioSelf

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