We nurture innovation by solving problems, bringing prototypes to life and designing impactful wearables for our clients.


  • Electronics
  • Plastics & casing
  • Fabrics & soft goods


  • Interfaces

  • Networks & connectivities

  • Infrastructure


  • Data analytics

  • Machine learning & AI

  • Insights


Improve clarity on the next steps, check the proposition’s plausibility and continue on the product development journey with confidence. We understand how difficult the journey from idea to product can be. That is why we offer a free consultation with two of our expert technologists. 

Hardware Design Sprint

Validate the product proposition by agreeing long-term goals, selecting key challenges to target and problem solve with users. Through rapid exposure to physical technology and a selection of design concepts, assess hardware options and gain real user insights in less than a month. Capture these and informed product investment recommendations in order to reduce risk and cost in delivery.

Technology Strategy

Fulfil the end product vision by leveraging our team’s extensive set of knowledge in wearable technology and product development to help avoid the common and uncommon mistakes that are made. Map feasible technologies to the product concept to better understand the necessary building blocks for successful development.



Validate the service offering and drive stakeholder and investor engagement with the product idea, in its first holistic form. Reduce risk, and answer critical questions of usability, technology and cost of delivery.



We pride ourselves on our ability to turn great ideas into engaging, user-centred wearables which better people’s health, wellbeing and fitness. Product Development has two basic phases – your team will need to have navigated through the primary iterative steps which involve new product strategy, idea generation, screening the proposition, concept testing and business analysis, before arriving at the Product Development threshold.


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